Local 100 Election Slate – 2020 to 2023

The Local 100 Executive Board acting as a Nominating Committee of the whole has completed and recommended a full slate making sure that all areas of the union are represented and all vacancies created by movements out of our jurisdiction are now filled.   The slate is as follows:

President                     Henrietta Collins (Human Development Arkansas – Warren, AR)

Vice-President            Elizabeth Solis (Gulf Coast CCA – Houston, TX)

Secretary-Treasurer    Toney Orr (Local 100 ULU – Little Rock, AR)

Executive Board         Carmond West (HISD – Houston, TX)

Executive Board         Jackie Dartez (LARC – Lafayette, LA)

Executive Board         Michael Courtney (DDMS – Baton Rouge, LA)

Executive Board         Trevonya Riggs (Caddo Parish CAA – Shreveport, LA)

Executive Board         Pamela Bingham (Dept of Agriculture Arkansas – Little Rock, AR)

Executive Board         Lucy Martin (Claiborne Nursing Home – Shreveport, LA)

Executive Board         Linda Chase (ETI – New Orleans, LA)

Chief Organizer          Wade Rathke (Local 100 ULU – New Orleans, LA)

Nominations are now open to any other qualified member (a dues paying member for the last 2 years who submits sufficient signatures on a qualifying position to run according to Local 100 Constitution and Bylaws) until November 1th and must be received by the close of business that date at 2221 St. Claude Avenue at our headquarters in New Orleans.

If there are no additional nominations for any position, the slate will be elected unanimously.  If nominations are received for any particular position, then ballots will go out for voting to take place by November 15th.  The new terms will run from 1/1/21 through 12/31/23.

Thanks to all Local 100 members for your participation.