Who is ULU Local 100?

Local 100’s mission is to organize and represent unorganized service sector workers in the middle south states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, and allow our members to create a vehicle to allow them a clear voice and real power in their workplace and their communities.  After more than 25 years as an SEIU local, in October 2009 Local 100 became independent again. Please become a fan on of Local 100 ULU on Facebook!

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Local 100 in Little Rock Protests Comcast PDF Print E-mail

Members of Local 100 United Labor Unions joined Arkansas Community Organizations in demanding that Comcast follow through with their deal to provide low-cost computers and Internet to low income families.

Protest was held at Comcast offices located at 2714 S. Shackleford in Little Rock, Ark. As part of an agreement with the FCC over the acquisition of NBC Universal, Comcast is supposed to offer low cost Internet and low cost computers to families with children enrolled in the federal school lunch program in Little Rock public schools. Yet when parents inquire about the service, they are given the run around.

 The two organizations are working with groups in other cities to put pressure on the company and the FCC to implement the agreement. Computers and Internet access have become as essential to families as phone service. The Internet is now essential for searching for jobs and other opportunities. Many low-income families cannot afford a computer or Internet service. 
“When I received information from my school about the new Comcast program, I was excited,” said Little Rock resident Marthella Johnson. “I called the 800 number and was told I would receive an application in the mail. That was back in August. I still have not received the application.”  Video of action.



Click for Video of Comcast Action

Angela Daily new Local 100 member PDF Print E-mail

Angela Daily, new member of Local 100 United Labor Unions, celebrates  her joining with Organizer, Claudia Reynolds-LeBlanc.  Beautiful Angela is the mother of five gorgeous "young ladies" and works at Pulaski County East.  In Angela's evenings, she is attending school working on her Masters Degree.  She and her wonderful daughters perform community outreach as a family on a regular basis.  Angela  knows the importance of the "voice" she brings to the Local 100, United Labor Unions.  Welcome Angela!

Arkansas Introductions PDF Print E-mail


Pastor Toney Orr, Organizer for Local 100 United Labor Unions in
Arkansas, introduces Feleccia Coleman to his fellow Arkansas
Organizer, Claudia Reynolds-LeBlanc.  Toney and Feleccia previously
knew each other from his visits to Happy Home Baptist Church in
Jefferson, Arkansas.  Ms. Coleman is a wonderful union member that
works at Pulaski East DHS offices.

A great Win for Regina Price PDF Print E-mail

Regina Price and Orell FitzsimmonsRegina was first employed by the Conway Development Center in 1986 at the age of 19, that would make her a twenty-five year employee. In these 25 years she has been a model employee and was promoted until she was a supervisor in her unit. But that all changed in April of this year when she was accused of giving substandard care to a resident.

The Center management said they had three employees say that they had saw her mis-treating a resident.  During the Local 100 investigation they made a Arkansas Open Records Request for the Investigative Report and the Union found that when the witnesses were first questioned it didn't seem like they had anything thing to say about Mrs. Price's activities. Not until later when interviewed a second time (something that never happens) they recalled with great detail the problem Mrs. Price had and they all said exactly the same thing. Needless to say during he mediation it because apparent that the Conway development Center's case had totally dissolved along with the creditability of their three star witnesses.  

The result was wonderful. Regina was placed back to work with full back pay. Regina stated ,

“I'm ready for my next twenty years at Conway and everyday I'm going to tell my co-workers I would not have my job without the support and hard work of my union, Local 100. If you aren't a member yet, you should join today, you never know when what happened to me could happen to you. We need to make the Union stronger by joining to protect our jobs and way of life.”

Hillary, Belvis and Bessie PDF Print E-mail

Local 100 Arkansas State Organizer Bessie Fowler had a rare treat recently. She got to meet both Hillary Clinton and Dwayne Turner, aka “Belvis the Black Elvis.”

Check out the photo of Bessie of and the article from Reuters.


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