Who is ULU Local 100?

Local 100’s mission is to organize and represent unorganized service sector workers in the middle south states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, and allow our members to create a vehicle to allow them a clear voice and real power in their workplace and their communities.  After more than 25 years as an SEIU local, in October 2009 Local 100 became independent again. Please become a fan on of Local 100 ULU on Facebook!

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Victory for DHS Workers in Arkansas PDF Print E-mail

Freida Hostler and Kimberly Steward are smiles after learning that their grievance against the Department of Human Services was a win. "As family service workers, we are always in court and the State is suppose to represent us but because of a mix up in paper work, we were told that we would have to have our lawyer for our court cases. Me and Kim called Toney and he went to work for us and 3 days later, we got a call from chief counsel of DHS but also the Assistant Attorney General for the state of Arkansas telling us that the state would represent us in all our court cases. We really appreciate the hard work Toney did for us, he is always working hard for us and all the other employee in the Jefferson County DHS office in Pine Bluff Arkansas."

This is just one example of how Local 100 is making a difference in the state of Arkansas. Frieda and Kimberly have helped sign up 7 people in the Pine Bluff and Lonoke offices. They really believe in our motto, "By the people, for the people."


Arkansas Welcomes New Members! PDF Print E-mail


Brainard Bivens, new member at the Jefferson County DHS, gives the universal peace sign as he joins Local 100 United Labor Unions.  He is looking forward to leading other members to their first meeting!


Donnie Ring, new member at Jefferson County DHS, counts his blessings with organizer, Pastor Toney Orr.  Donnie is a returning member from years ago.  He sees the need for unionizing state workers and is ready to stand up in solidarity.

Both Donnie and Brainard are looking forward to their first off work-site meeting with their co-workers.

Coalition Meets with Comcast in Arkansas PDF Print E-mail

Representatives from Local 100 United Labor Unions and Arkansas Community Organizations met with Lisa Birmingham, Regional Vice President from the Comcast office in Michigan, Mike Wilson, Vice President in Little Rock, and Evangeline Parker, Comcast Public Affairs Coordinator, today at the Little Rock Comcast office. 

They did the dog and pony thing, but admitted that they made mistakes and were on the learning curve. 

We questioned them about the computers -- what were the specs, were they refurbished, were they really worth the $150, how long did it take to get them to the people? They did not know the answer to these questions. 

We pushed them on the following issues:

1. Allowing people to receive the service if they owe a back bill and make a payment plan -- they did say that people could get the service if they received amnesty for very old back bills;

2. Alternatives and clarification on the requirement to have a letter from the school saying that children were on the free lunch program. We urged them to accept applications without proof of enrollment. They did say that they were eliminating this requirement for Provision II schools. We told them to do more.

3. Setting goals and ways to measure success and to work with us in doing so. They said that they would come up with a measure. 

4. Making the application process local in addition to the national number.

5. Advising us on the specifics of the type of computer sold for $150...net book versus laptop, refurbished versus new with warranty.

We requested to meet again in 45 days for answers to our demands.


Video of single mother Marthella Johnson explaining way she needs Internet Essentials to work. Click here. Video of Marthella discussing her problems with getting Internet Essentials. Click here.

Arkansas Welcomes New Members PDF Print E-mail

Claudia Reynolds-LeBlanc, organizer, welcomes Jeremiah Hackler as a new member. Jeremiah works diligently at the Conway Human Development Center...."I am here at the Development Center because I care about people."


Pastor Toney Orr, organizer, welcomes Candyce Cooper, new member to Local 100 United Labor Unions!  


Candyce and Jeremiah look forward to participating as new leaders in the March Meeting of membership to be held in Conway, Arkansas!

Arkansas Local 100 on the Move! PDF Print E-mail


Irene Walker, new member; Claudia Reynolds-LeBlanc, Local 100 Organizer; Angela Daily, member; Channon Horne, leader; Pastor Toney Orr, organizer----celebrating solidarity with new members!


Sisters in Solidarity celebrate the new membership of Irene Walker!  Channon Horne, leader and Claudia Reynolds-LeBlanc, organizer.


Pastor Toney Orr, organizer and new member, Virgina Green Welcome to the Union, Virginia


"When I needed the union, you were there for me!"  Channon Horne, our new leader shares her excitement about Local 100, United Labor Unions and invites her co-workers to share their voice in solidarity!

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