Who is ULU Local 100?

Local 100’s mission is to organize and represent unorganized service sector workers in the middle south states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, and allow our members to create a vehicle to allow them a clear voice and real power in their workplace and their communities.  After more than 25 years as an SEIU local, in October 2009 Local 100 became independent again. Please become a fan on of Local 100 ULU on Facebook!

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Give our Children a Chance PDF Print E-mail

Average Food Service Workers Pay in 2015

$10.69, after probation


1. 1302 hours per year for average food service worker

2. 186 days at 7 hours per day = 1302 hours per year

3. 1302 X 10.69 = $13,918 salary per year

4. 1 additional hour per day would increase income by

Weekly - $53 Monthly - $213 Yearly - $1988

Total salary - $15,905 with one more hour per day

There has been a long history, since the establishment of the District in March 1923, of the Food Service Department paying sub-standard wages. This doesn't mean it always has to be this way.

Food Service employees need to provide for their children, at the wages they are paid and the hours they are given to work, many are forced to raise their children in poverty. The District should not be an agent of ingrained poverty through multiple decades.

HISD workers should be able to stop the cycle of poverty and give their children a chance at the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the U.S Constitution. Academic studies from various Universities have made it clear a child raise in poverty is at a disadvantaged throughout their lives. They are at greater risk, than non-poverty children, of not graduating from High School and have little chance of finishing four years of college.

The education establishment of our great city should be the leader of putting an intense focus on eradicating poverty, since the absence of poverty will enhance our children's ability to learn the skills they need to be functional in society, which would reduce the dropout rate, increase test scores, raise the graduation rate, up college attendance and make this city a productive part of a great country. Give our poor children a chance and they will reward us with success and our city will be better for it. Give our kitchen moms a chance and they will make us proud.

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